René ten Cate

 started with music at an early age, exploring the piano and drums. Later at the age of 12 he joined a band as a drummer, the members were 18 at the time. Starting with Symphonic Rock, Funk and JazzRock, the styles changed with the abbility of playing the instruments.

 Jazz entered in at the age of 16 listening to Oscar Peterson. When he had seen a concert of 'Steps" with vibist Mike Mainieri, he turned directly to the vibraphone. Eventually studying Engineering, he turned to the Royal Conservatorium in the late 80 ties to study vibraphone and drums with master Frits Landesbergen, were he graduated with a 9.

 As a musician, he performed with National 'Jazzcats' like Ruud Brink, Pia Beck, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Herman Schoonderwald, Benny Baily, Ruud Breuls, Leonardo Amuedo, Peter Tiehuis, Martijn v Iterson, Ben Herman, Louis Debij, Andrea van Otterloo as well as International ' Jazzcats' like Alvin Queen, Martin Drew, Scott Hamilton, Pat Metheny, to mention a few. In the late 80 ties he was a few times invited to play with the Big Band ' The Skymasters' performing for radio and TV. 

 Nominated for the Wessel Ilcken Award, but entered the Pall Mall Swing Award were he was finalist in 1991. During his study he was several times performing with the 'Swing Society' in were he was also the finalist of the Denon Swing Award. He performed at the North Sea Jazz festival and other festivals in Europe. Early 2017 he launched his first trio CD 'Solar' on which he plays vibraphone and piano as well.




Alvin Queen; ' I hear music '

Scott Hamilton; 'a hell of a vibesplayer'

Willem Duys; 'dikke mik ! '

Cees Schrama; 'unduly modest vibesplayer'

Bosko Petrovic; 'one of the best European vibesplayers'  

Club owner; 'the highest attainable'